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It is time for the undervalued quarters in Sofia

The goal for every property buyer in Bulgaria is to buy a good quality home in a good area with good infrastructure, if possible newly built and at the same time high quality of construction. The crisis though is continuing and the shortage of money is still present and at the same time people have to live somewhere. For this more and more people are oriented to regions in the capital - Sofia and the bigger cities in Bulgaria, which until recently were underestimated.


In support to this trend is the date from one of the biggest real estate agencies in Bulgaria. Nearly half of their customers are buying a property in a region which was underestimated and not so interesting until recently, due to the fact that it is far from the center of the city or small popularity. In this number are quarters in Sofia such as Nadezhda, Tolostoy, Svoboda, Obelya, Druzhba and Banishora. Among the main reasons these areas to become attractive for the property buyers are that after some time the subway will expand and will provide good and fast connections to all parts of the city.


The prices in the elite regions in Sofia are not affordable for most of the first home property buyers. Due to the close proximity to the south park and the center f the city the quarter Lozenets was one of the most expensive areas for buying a property in Sofia for many years. It's fame caused it many troubles - broken and stuffed with cars narrow streets, the very small distance from one building to anther, lack of children playgrounds, large supermarkets and community. These disadvantages are present in other old luxury quarters.


The expansion of the subway practically took from such areas their main advantage - their proximity to the center of the city. In that way the key difference between the high class quarters and the low class ones. At the moment from Ilinden and Mladost and soon from Nadezhda one will be able to reach the center of the city or the Borisova Gradina for less than 10 minutes.