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Is it profitable investment in green building?

The tendency to build buildings that have little or no impact on straight deteriorating environmental situation, is gaining momentum. More stringent legal requirements will increase the speed: The European Union adopted a directive this year, according to which all new development should aim at zero energy consumption in the period of operation. The U.S. authorities are trying to stimulate different ways of reducing finite resources such as energy, water and land construction.

Furthermore: the ability to recognize gain from that traditional buildings in the future can be faced with higher costs for bringing the new standards, some of the largest fund managers in Europe marked the beginning of investment strategies exclusively in buildings recognized as environmentally sustainable.

But the Bulgarian market have a different agenda. Still operating costs are a small percentage of the cost of living and users of buildings are encouraged to achieve more savings in the price - rental or sale, not in their electricity bills. And even given that experts estimate the cost of green building (planned and executed with the idea to have a lower environmental impact than traditional) is no more than a few percent higher than normal ability to capitalize on cutting costs investment are not large. Experts such as Devon and Sailor Carlo Marzot have difficult task to explain how to reconcile the objectives of the real market players and sustainable approach to real estate.