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If your apartment is not being sold for a long time

Transactions are concluded when owners sell the property at the real price. If an apartment, for example, can not be sold for a long time, this is an indication that the price is above the market prices, explained brokers.

One of the hardest moments is convincing the owners that the desired price is high.

Experience shows that if a property is not sold for two-three months after being announced for sale, the owner himself suggests to decrease the price.

What is the situation with the smallest homes - Studio apartments? In the capital the price of approximately 10 apartments is changed every day. "Lyulin", "Nadezhda", "Mladost" and "Obelia" are neighborhoods where most often the price decreases, indicated the brokers in the capital.

Owners of properties in "Ivan Vazov", "Lozenets", "Iztok" are not so willing to decrease the price.These are regions with very good location and infrastructure.

Three groups of vendors on the market are formed. The first can be described as "cautious." They bring the price down with about 1% -3%.

For example, an owner of a studio in "Mladost 4", near the Business Park Sofia, decreased price with 2.23% - from € 26 800 to € 26 200. Other properties in the area of "Oborishte" changed their price from € 38 500 to € 37 990.

The second group of sellers change the price between 4% and 6%. The majority of such properties are located in "Students` City", "Mladost", "Nadezhda", "Ovcha Kupel". For example studio of 35 sq m in "Students`City" is sold almost 5% lower than its initial price. The price is adjusted from € 29,140 to € 27,688.

An owner of a property in the city center reduced its price from € 52 900 to 50 000, which in this case makes 5.48%.

In the third group are people who severely reduce the price of a property with more than 8%. The owner of a 1-bedroom apartment in the "Druzhba 1", who originally wanted 33 000 euro for it adjusted the price to 28 000 euro, this is a decrease with over 15%.The best way to attract customers` attention is to decrease the initial price. Remember this if you can not sell your property for a long time.