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High rents raise the cost of the fields in Dobrudja

High rents that agricultural cooperatives and users gave the owners of land in Dobrudja late last year, prices rose and fields, recorded brokers. At the time starts moving the real estate market.

Mainly looking for land as a Category III price has from 800 to 1000 per acre. In late autumn last year, these fields were traded at around 500-600 Euro, recalling brokers. If the parcel is large, between 80 -100 acres and bordering the road, then the price can go and over 1000 levs / ha.

Highest price kept fields in Balchik, where it is considered that the land is most fertile. The main buyers are renters and large landowners. Preferences of buyers for large parcels. Currently offering only by people who have urgent need of money. Most owners of agricultural land still await better prices for their fields.