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Golf Tourism Development To Attract Affluent Tourists To Bulgaria

Bulgaria has turned to golf, a sport not too popular in the country until now, looking to attract affluent tourists, AFP reported on February 14 2008.

"Golf tourism development is very important - the regular tourist usually spends from 50 to 100 euro a day, while the golf tourist would rather spend from 400 to 500 euro," according to Kuncho Kunchev, an investor in the Black Sea Rama golf complex in Balchik, quoted by AFP.

"Without quality golf courses Bulgaria will remain a cheap destination. It will continue to attract tourist flows, but without any major impact on the economy", he said.

Bulgaria's Black Sea coast and its mountain resorts are popular among more "modest" tourists from Western Europe and those from the former Soviet countries. At the same time savvy investors have anticipated Bulgaria's strong potential as a golf destination.

Climate and nature are similar to those in Spain, one of the most popular golf destinations in the world. Only three golf courses are now functioning in Bulgaria, but 15 are in the pipeline.