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Four new airlines to Bulgaria

Over the next three months there will be open four new airlines to Bulgaria. There will be flights between Varna-Istanbul, Sofia-Belgrade and Varna-Belgrade. Meanwhile, there will be expected direct flights from Plovdiv to Frankfurt and from Sofia to the United States.

At the end of May are expected to start flying between Varna-Istanbul, performed by Turkish Airlines, said the airline's Managing Director for Bulgaria Cenk Jodzal.
The direct flights will perform four times a week throughout the year. The Turkish airline plans to open an office in Varna.

"For us it is our newest destination in Varna that will give a chance to the city to become a bridge to the countries," said Cenk Jodzal. He added that Turkish Airlines will advertise for free our sea capital city not only in Turkey but also in all countries in which it is positioned the airline.

The line between Belgrade and Sofia will be revealed at the end of March. National airline Air Serbia will fly at the destination. On the occasion of the opening of the new lines will be released promotional roundtrip tickets to Sofia and Varna on prices from 149 euro.

Flights of Air Serbia to Sofia will be carried out every day, and those to Varna-three times a week, and by June will run every day.

The low cost company Ryanair will fly from Plovdiv to Frankfurt again. The line is expected to be restored in April. The flights will be performed twice a week-on Thursday and Sunday, as the aircraft will land at the airport "Hahn" in Frankfurt. Flights on this route were suspended in November 2013.

The Bulgarian airline is waiting permission from the American administration for direct flights from Bulgaria to United States.

The company plans to carry passengers three times a week. The permissions that they expected are associated with the security of passengers and cargo.