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Foreigners are interested in holiday properties around 30,000 euro

The interest in vacation properties is increasing with the beginning of the summer. For the first half of 2012 the increase in bargains in Seaside Resorts is about 20% from the last year. The preferred properties are at a price of around € 30,000.

Buyers are interested in furnished apartments in the Black Sea resorts. The distance to the shore is not determinative - the price seems to be more important. There are requests also for the ski resorts, the most preferred remains Bansko. Borovets is becoming more popular as well.

In the seaside resorts, the interest is focused primarily on the South coast - Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Ravda and etc. The Bestsellers are small furnished apartments and studios at about 30-40 square meters. Main buyers are Russians. There is also interest in two bedroom furnished apartments up to 500 meters from the shore. According to the consultants the prices are stable and they don`t expect significant changes. The prices on the Black Sea are around 450 euro / sq. m, while prices in mountain resorts range from 370 to 460 euro / sq. m

Over the last 6-8 months there is almost no change in the prices in the ski resorts. The expected stabilization in prices is already a fact, the market is calm, the offering is good and there are conditions for better deals.

Sudden changes in price levels are not expected. The prices are about 50% lower than those before the crisis, according to the brokers. So, the main sellers at the moment are British. They sell their properties with loss. The main buyers are still Russians. However, there are customers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and etc. We meet buyers from Siberia. They have well-developed industry, people get good wages, they know about Bulgaria, they also have severe winters and want to spend the summer in sunny place.

In the ski resorts we can also meet Bulgarians and a small percentage of Greeks. The last are now below 5% of customers because of financial problems in the country. However, some Greeks return on the market because they want to invest part of their savings withdrawn from the banks.

We expect active summer season. The low prices of flights from Russia in August and September will bring new investors to the Bulgarian market and this trend will continue in the next months.