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First Ecoinnovation Hotel Constructed In Bulgaria

The first eco-innovation hotel in Southeastern Europe will be constructed in the Bulgarian village of Zdravkovets.

Hilltop hotel will feature wind mills, local purifying devices and the utilisation of rainwater. A monitoring system will indicate the quantity of electricity produced and consumed at the hotel, Bulgarian news agency BTA reported.

Time foundation is among the project executors, foundation representative Elena Petkova said. It takes part in the public-private partnership behind the project that was created in 2006.

Gabrovo municipality and two foreign companies are also taking part in the project. The municipality will have to provide the infrastructure needed for the functioning of the hotel and to introduce a waste management programme.

Investment needed for the execution of the project is two million leva. The use of eco-innovations increased expenses by nearly 10 to 15 per cent, said Petkova.

The technical project plan was drafted in 2005. Hilltop will accommodate 68 people. It features a restaurant, conference hall and a multi-functioning room.