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Danube Bridge-2 ready by 2011

Bulgaria and Romania are clear - a new extension to the deadline for completion of the bridge at Vidin-Calafat will have.

Romania will build the bridge structure adjacent to its coast until June 2011, as provided in the contract for construction.

That definitely showed the Bulgarian transport mniistar. "Overcoming all difficulties and problems that stood in front of the state and the developer. Now the completion of the bridge depends only on the contractor. But for us it is unacceptable that the requested extension, "he said.

The two ministers have asked the company's new construction schedule for work on site to ensure completion of the bridge by the end of 2011. While convinced that the construction work on seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

After examining the construction of the Bulgarian coast, the two ministers were transported by barge to Romania to see how it works there. Romania needs to build only the surrounding infrastructure - approaches, 5 km new railway line, 5 km exclusive road and terminal common border control and taxation of road transport. Budget of the project on the Romanian side is 48 million, and the Bulgarian - 226 million.