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Coastal Property

Property to the watercourse, whether river, lake, sea or ocean, it is often desirable escape from busy city life for many buyers. Coastal properties are of different type and size, but share the common characteristic to symbolize luxury and relaxation.

Many owners of such properties are attracted to the soothing sound of water, some of them are interested in sailing, other than fishing, others just want to swim, explains to the Washington Times Vesals Michel, an associate broker in real estate agency in Maryland in the U.S.

Living near the water certainly has advantages, such as sight, but the purchase of such property must be done to study and take into account specific factors, brokers advise.

Great temptation is to consider a coastal property, then all the experience and value to be based on "beautiful view". However, buyers should know that the price is based on factors such as whether the property is east or west, for how long coastline offers and what is the depth of water, explaining the evaluators.

Buyers who want to keep a boat or yacht harbor will have a different attitude towards the depth of those who want to swim. Of importance is also the location and height above sea level, which should ensure better protection of property from severe weather, including hurricanes, and connectivity with other water bodies and water quality. Some advised to check that area before the property is protected, ie whether the view in the future will not be blocked by new construction. The general council of Vesals to potential buyers is to identify clearly the main reason you want property near the water.