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Bulgaria - International agricultural paradise


Thousands of acres arable land in Bulgaria are already owned by foreigners who grow different products on them.

There are no official statistics on how many acres are now processed by foreigners, but it is clear that the interest is huge and the deals in 2012 were significantly more than the previous year.

There are conditions for the purchase of agricultural land in Bulgaria by people of other nationalities - the foreigner must have a registered company in Bulgaria and to buy the plot on behalf of the juridical person.

Arabs have bought 30,000 acres of farmland in southern Bulgaria, Chinese processed 20,000 acres near Vidin. There have been real deals, not just foreign investor interest.

The fertile and cheap land attracts Dutchmen, Spaniards and Italians the most. The foreign investors look for large plots - over 5,000 acres with water supply.

"The companies who develop activity on the territory of Bulgaria, work with traditional cultures - grain, wheat, corn", explains Borislav Petkov from Association of owners of agricultural land.

"After January 1, 2014 the agricultural land market in Bulgaria will be fully open. Each citizen of EU can come and buy land in Bulgaria " informs Lily Stoyanova which is head of " Land Relations" at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.