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Bourgas will have an open air lifestyle trade center

New trade center will open doors in Bourgas during 2010, after the company "Strand" received a building permission from Municipality Bourgas.

The trade center is projected by GMW Architects. The project is the first open air mall in the country as well as the first Bulgarian lifestyle center.

The mild Bourgas climate stays behind the idea of the architects to dispose the shopping areas around 3 walking areas recreating the atmosphere of of a central shopping street. Such type shopping centers are more effective ecologically, due to the less consumed energy compared with the traditional malls in Bulgaria.

Another essential advantage is their lifestyle focus - large part of the areas are separated for entertainment and services. The walking areas allow the visitors to enjoy the warm weather, the sun and sea breeze. For protection from rains and to give shelter from the summer heats there are nice and big tents. This new for Bulgaria conception already attracted the interest of big number of international brands and received the recognition on the international exhibition MAPIK in Khan - France.

While projecting, GMW works in tight partnership with its client ZBS sLtd and with the local consultant team with manager arch. Niagulov. The building works will start in the summer of 2009. The goal is to open the shopping mall in November 2010.Paul Shaden, the chief architect of the project said: "The project is very different of the recently built Shopping Malls in Bulgaria. It is unique and first of its kind in Bulgaria, Strand reflects the philosophyof GWM Architects for harmonic combination of practical, value, style and maximal usage of the nature.