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Bourgas gives more than 2 million for school renovations

For this year the municipality of Bourgas gives funds of 2.3 million levs for renovation of schools and kinder gardens, announced from the municipality.

Bourgas In 10 schools the windows and doors are replaced with PVC for improving the energy effectiveness, the building works for this are for 300 000 levs. In some of the buildings the roof hydro insulation has been replaced with new one, this costs 100 000 levs.

The amount of 280 000 levs was spent for the renovation of the toilets and bathrooms in the schools, 200 000 levs of this money is spent only for the toilets in the schools, and the rest 80 000 levs for the kinder gardens.

The external facades of 3 schools in Bourgas has been renovated as well.

The other direction on Which the municipality is working is the renovation of the sport terrains in the schools.

Until now the municipality of Bourgas has renovated the sports grounds in the building od the mathematics and French high schools. A financing from the Ministry of Education is expected for one more sport ground.