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Between 40 and 60 thousand euro for newly built house

Between 400 and 600 euro is the price per square meter for construction of a new house near Sofia. Currently the demand for property development is relatively weak, but gradually the market around major cities is reviving, reported real estate market specialists.

Customers are looking for basic building plots from 600 to 800 square meters, which can be purchased at the price of 5 000 to 10 000 euros.

Adding fees for construction documents and materials, newly built house st about 100 square meters costs between 40 000and 60 000 euro.

However, this is significantly cheaper than the prices of ready new homes, especially in expensive suburban neighborhoods.

The price of an old house in a village 10 to 20 km away from the city is about two to four times cheaper than the houses near the capital.

Buyers of these properties are two types - people who are seeking to live outside the city and those who have savings and are invested in property for recreation with the intention to use it all year round.

The most preferred villages around Sofia are Lozen, German, Bistrica and etc, which offeres many vacant plots.

The largest supply of new houses offer regions like Malinova Dolina, Vitosha and Dragalevci.The prices there are between 100 000and 400 000 euro.In Gorna Banya and Kniajevo customers can find houses between 50 000-60 000 euro.

The most expensive regions are Boyana Dragalevtsi.