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Architectural Digest named Sofia Synagogue one of the most beautiful temples in the world

The international authority in design and architecture Architectural Digest ranked Sofia Synagogue among the 19 most beautiful houses of worship in the world. The Jewish temple in Sofia is at the 16th position in the list.

The largest Sephardic synagogue in the Balkans is among world-renowned places of worship such as the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, the Borgund Stavechurch in Norway and Beijing Temple of Heaven.

Sofia Synagogue was built in 1909.The Austro-Hungarian architect Friedrich Grünanger combined Moorish, Vienna Secessionist, and Venetian elements in the design of the synagogue. Its splendid interiors include Venetian mosaics and marble columns. The main brass chandelier weighs over 2200 kg and is the biggest in Bulgaria.

A Jewish History Museum is operating in the Sofia Synagogue. Its purpose is to find, explore and preserve items, pictures and documents, related to the Jewish culture and historical heritage in Bulgaria.