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Ancient city of Nessebar celebrates 25-year anniversary as cultural monument

According to Malina Stratieva, director of the shareholders' association managing the resort, it is time to sell the streets. This will be achieved via open bidding or a tender. However, not everyone agrees. The mayor of Nessebar municipality, of which the resort is a part, insists that the amount of BGN 46 million (the value of the streets and infrastructure in the resort) be invested in a new City Hall building. A lot of revenues from Sunny Beach flow into Nessebar's budget, which merits special care for this so very important part of the tourism sector - infrastructure. The sector expects hard times - a world financial crisis and concomitant recession demanding full mobilization of all means and resources to sustain SB as a world-famous resort, loved by Bulgarians and foreigners alike. Nessebar itself is incredible and unique, the Ancient City is a world heritage site, but without SB is would not attract that much interest and respectively proceeds from tourism. But the mayor keeps pushing and even asks reporters, "Can there be such a thing as private streets?" Actually there can and there are such all over the world, even in Bulgaria. For example, private investors built streets in front of their hotels in Pamporovo ski resort. They were compelled by the lack of infrastructure and the government's negligence.