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Albena offers alternative tourist services in the crisis

In the climax of the summer tourist season Margarita Petkova, manager of marketing and sales of Albena predicts 15% overall decrease in the tourists flow to the complex. In the new 5 star hotel of our northern black sea resort - Flamingo Grand in-front of 12 business-ladies, M Petkova shared that despite the serious decrease, the Bulgarian tourist market is indicating increase with 45% only for the month of July.

This is a significant increase. Because of the change in the price conditions and the presence of different promotional offers aiming especially the Bulgarian tourists, at the moment in Albena on vacation are more than 5000 Bulgarian families. With them the increase of the overall tourist flow from the beginning of the year till now is 20%. If we succeed to continue in that direction during August as well we will manage to compensate the overall decrease. This situation is also giving us confidence to believe that the Bulgarians can be a good mass customer.

We have always respected the Bulgarian tourists as customers - they form 10% of the total number of tourists, and their reaction to our offers this year is good. I can not hide though that the decrease in the different markets is significant. We expect that for the Scandinavian countries and France the decrease to be around 20% but unfortunately at the moment it is 25%. The Bulgarian and the Romanian market are the ones who react to our offers at the last moment because they do not depend on flights.

As far as the Russian market is concerned, till the moment the decrease in the tourist flow for Albena is 20% and for the Varna international airport for example is 30%.

Overall the crisis acts motivating to the team of one of the oldest and well developed tourist complexes in Bulgaria. Traditionally it offers complexes and a wide variety of services, and at the moment the management pays attention in different directions and is trying to develop all year round more not quite traditional new directions of its activity in order to sustain the old and attract new customers.