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A bunch of hotels in Sofia are looking for buyers

The mediation of specialized sites of listings of properties are looking for primarily owners of small family hotels.

The thesis of the experts is confirmed by reference to the real estate site

Currently there are published 81 ads for sales of hotels, as part of them are duplicated because are sold by several agencies at the same time.

According to this report the most expansive hotel that is for sale, would be worth of the eventual buyer, if it's taken without discussing the price, 75 - million Euro.

It's about a building in the centre of the capital of Bulgaria, and area of 24,000 square meters - or in other words - with the size of the "Sofia Hotel Balkan".

The price per square meter is 3125 Euro, but the listing is not available to regular users of the site.

Part of the offers are with remark that the price is on request and is negotiable.

The cheapest family hotels are with offers of at least 200 000 Euro.

According to report in the same site the ads for sales of hotels in Bulgaria are 949, as the average price is around 1 million Euro, and 529 Euro per square meter.

The hotels in Sofia are most expansive traded, next in the ranking of expensive offers is a 9-storey, 4-star aparthotel in Sunny Beach with area of 11 000 sq.m.

The building is on the seafront and has a swimming pool, a restaurant, a gym, a cafeteria and many other amenities for relaxation and fun.