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5 mln lv will be invested in new asphalt road in Dobrich

5 million levs will be invested in new strategic asphalt roads in Dobrich, announced on a press-conference Nadezhda Petkova, deputy mayor of the Economical development and European programs.

A comprehensive geodetic shooting has been already completed, at the moment the working project is being developed. The construction works should start by the middle of March depending on the weather conditions. By the end of June the work on 6 of the important roads is expected to finish.

In the project are included 440 meters of the road Varna - Dobrich (the section from blvd. 25 September), the junction to the graveyard, the junction to the park Dabovete.

In addition to this additional 1540 meters from blvd 3ti mart will be repaired (the section from the Hilti service to the round about), 1000 meters from the road to the ex-military factory Khan Asparuh, as well as the section of the Dobrudzha blvd to the ring road. The total length is 7380 meters.

The funds for the roads reconstruction is established by an Operative Program - regional development 2007 - 2013, scheme for grants - Support for reliable and integrated local development by rehabilitation and reconstruction of the municipal road network, some funds are provided by the European Union by the program for regional development.