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2,3 Million People In Bulgaria Live In Poverty

Almost 2,3 million people in Bulgaria live under the poverty limit which is 176,64 BGN (round 88 EUR) in Bulgaria.

15,6 % yearly is the increasing of the life maintenance, which is the biggest raise for the last 8 years and indicates record price getting up.

The poverty limit, estimated according 77 goods and services, defined as vital important for the physical surviving is 176.86 BGN (88 EUR) per man.

Under this limit remain 34% of the households in Bulgaria.

The common income of a person in a household have increased with 7.4% for February 2008 compared to 2007 and have reached 244, 37 BGN (122, 18 EUR) which is hardly 54.5% of the necessary amount for monthly maintenance of a person.

The average work salary have increased with 10.4% according to 2007 but the slow temp of the increasing is neutralized by the expending's increasing.

Bulgaria is the country with highest raise of food prices in EU.  

The maintenance of a school student is equal to the average work salary value.