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14 000 tourists visited Kaliakra cape from the beginning of the year

From the beginning of the year Kaliakra Cape has been visited by 14 000 tourists, announced Darina Mircheva, a director of the Historical Museum in Kavarna.

The visits are mostly personal. Organised visits are expected in the near future, explained Darina Mircheva, announced Focus Agency.

During the last year Kaliakra Cape and the Yaylata Preserve, around Kamen brqg village, had been visited by almost 150 000 tourist.

Every year Kaliakra Cape is pleased with great attendance, said Darina Mircheva and added that this is quite reasonable. The region is announced as a Preserve. It is the only place where visitors can see steppe vegetation and rare species of flora.

If the weather is nice and if the tourists have enough luck, they can watch dolphins in their natural environment. The place is preferred by ornithologists and by the lovers of the bird world, because Via Pontica passes through the region- this is one of the ways of the migrating birds.

Last but not least, Kaliakra cape has rich history. This was the place where the last Bulgarian capital was situated and also the centre of Dobrudja`s rularship. Romanian tourists have a great interest in this sights. The place is being visited by lots of Bulgarians, Russians, Englishmen, Frenchman and Germans.