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10 Million Euro To Be Invested In Bulgarian Potato Production

Intersnack Bulgaria will invest 10 million euro in support of the Bulgarian production of potatoes and sunflower in 2009. 9 million euro will be invested in a plant for chips production in Ihtiman and 1 million euro - in promotion of the Bulgarian potato and sunflower producers. Some days ago two farmers from the village of Zhivkovo received a 10 000 euro bonus for extra potato yield - 1200 tones from 500 decares, which is with 600 tones more than the initially negotiated.The two farmers plan to invest the bonus in the construction of addition depository. It will for their own yield as well as for the production of other farmers and partners."The problem of most of the Bulgarian potato producers is the insufficiency of storehouses. The expenses for their construction are significant, while the state and European subsidies are not enough. We asked for help Intersnack and currently we work under one of their programs for potato production", commented Dimitrov.Intersnack Bulgaria plans to annually give awards for results in the potato production. Only last year the company has used 8 thousand tones of potatoes in the production of chips from the brands CHIO CHIPS and Chipi Chips, from which 7 thousand tones were produced in Bulgaria.