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Why Expatriates Move Abroad

If you’ve ever wondered why so many Britons seem to be fleeing the UK in search of a better life abroad, the answers have come in the form of survey findings from an international removal company who cleverly took it upon themselves to ask those they were removing why they were leaving the UK behind.

The findings are relatively unsurprising if we’re all honest with ourselves – but they really do firm up widely held suspicions that the current government in the UK has a lot to answer for.  Not that this is a political website, nor do we feel a change of government will alleviate the feelings of frustration in the UK at the moment!  Anyway, enough about what we think - read on to find out why expatriates move abroad!

Robinsons International, (home and business removal specialists), recently conducted a survey of those they were helping to relocate abroad – which we think is pretty nifty.  Far more interesting that some bank or governmental statistics bureau going out and quizzing random people on the street anyway…and what they found was that increasingly their clients are individuals, couples, families and even businesses who have become disillusioned and disappointed with life in the United Kingdom.

People surveyed were quick to mentioned that they feel frustration with their current life in the UK and that moving abroad offered them the chance to find a new, hopefully better and more fulfilling life.  Reasons cited for why expatriates move abroad in the Robinsons International survey included being fed up with the high and increasing cost of living in the UK.

House prices, fuel and even day to day living costs are indeed cripplingly expensive in the UK and it leads to a situation where people are being forced to work longer and longer hours for less – especially now that the government has abolished the 10p tax!  And speaking of the government’s role in all this, the next most common reason cited for why people move abroad is the performance of the current government particularly under the leadership of Gordon Brown.  Poor Gordon – Tony really did leave the job just at the right time!

And talking of jobs – the pressure of work felt by those in the UK is another reason that increasing numbers of us are seeking a new life abroad along with the rise in immigration in the UK.  So, the whinging poms are no longer whinging, they are getting up, packing up and shipping out of the UK.  Will the last one to leave please turn out the lights!