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Where To Buy A Family Home In Bulgaria

Where to Buy a Family Home in BulgariaIn all the talk about Bulgarian property that has been ongoing for a good few years, the focus has generally always been on investment property and where to buy real estate in the nation to let to the tourism market or to buy off plan and flip for capital appreciation.  Little consideration has been given to where to buy a family home in Bulgaria.

Because the country is now so easily and affordably accessible and is a member of the European Union, it is a location on the radar of the increasing number of Britons considering expatriating to live abroad to find a better life.  Therefore we thought it was high time that some proper consideration was given to attractive locations for living in in Bulgaria.

The coastal towns of Byala and Obzor are less well known than Sunny Beach and far more attractive as locations in which to live as a direct result.  The infrastructure in the towns as well as the levels of amenities do not rival Sunny Beach in terms of sophistication, but the towns are much less unspoiled and attractive compared to the bigger resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline.

Byala is slightly bigger than Obzor in terms of population, but both are blessed with beautiful beaches, a decent range of shops and essential amenities and both are welcoming communities in which a Briton could purchase a property or land for a reasonable price and establish a life for themselves in Bulgaria.

If you find even Obzor and Byala a bit too touristy in the summer or a bit too expensive for property in Bulgaria, just head inland away from the towns and their beaches and in the wooded interior of the country you’ll be able to find yourself a rural retreat…ideal for couples, perhaps not so ideal for those with children needing to get to school however!

One concern that those with children will have when contemplating a move to Bulgaria is schooling for their children.  Those determined to make Bulgaria home for life and who have young children may well favour the local state system, but others who are keen to give the nation a go but not committed to remaining in Bulgaria for life necessarily, as well as those with older children who are already in the British school system will probably want to find an international school.

At the moment the only international schools are in Sofia.  In terms of where to buy property in Sofia a great deal depends on budgets and lifestyle requirements.  For family homes the outer lying villages of Boyana, Kinotsentar and Dragalevtsi are hugely popular.  Here you can find spacious family homes that are just half an hours drive away from Sofia with its employment prospects, decent educational establishments and amenities.

If you are thinking of moving to live in Bulgaria and you’re looking for a family orientated property, have a think about what you need as a family, have a think about the locations where you can afford to buy and then spend some time in the country trying to marry up your wish list as well as your budget and you will be able to find an affordable family home if you simply steer clear of the tourism hotspots.