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Us Company Aes Invests In Bulgarian Power Engineering

The start of the American investment of the company AES in Bulgarian power engineering was given in the presence of Premier Sergey Stanishev and the US ambassador in Bulgaria Nancy McEldowney.The project plans the construction and exploitation of a wind park near Kavarna, which will add another 156 megawatts to the Bulgarian power engineering of renewable sources.This will take place in an extremely short period of time - the end of 2009, the beginning of 2010, Stanishev pointed out.He emphasized that the invested 240 million Euro are very significant for the Bulgarian economy and especially encouraging, that this happens now, when in the whole world there is a financial and economic crisis.AES is the biggest industrial investor in Bulgaria since 1989, as their investments reach 1.2 billion Euro in the new capacity of the electric power station "Maritza Iztok", the Prime Minister pointed out.