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Uk Investor Hails Bulgarian Market

A British investor has said that Bulgaria offers those looking to buy overseas an exciting new emerging market that makes a good alternative to the traditional destinations for British buyers.Greg Marshall from Solihull told Property Wire he went for Bulgaria as he was keen to buy somewhere new and with potential for growth.He stated: "Making a return from my purchase was also a smaller part of my reason to buy and I rent the apartment out myself through my own website so I am making a return on my investment as well."Property Wire added that the Association of International Property Professionals has identified Bulgaria as a top destination for UK buyers, with a rise of six per cent in 2007 from 2006.Philip Howell, partner at law firm John Howe & Co and an expert in Bulgarian property, told Easier this week the country is a "good place" to buy because it is popular both with summer tourists and winter skiers.