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Transport Minister, Vidin Mayor To Monitor Construction Of Danube Bridge 2

Bulgaria's transport ministry and Vidin town hall would hold monthly panels to monitor the progress of Danube Bridge 2, which will link the Bulgarian town to Calafat in Romania,
Transport minister Petar Moutafchiev and Vidin mayor Roumen Vidov agreed on March 24, Focus news agency reported.

“It is not time for policy but time for real action,” Moutafchiev said, adding that despite the project being agreed for some time, nothing has been made to start construction before he took office in 2005.

The project was too complex for any single institution to deal with on its own and would require co-operation between central and local government to meet the stipulated deadlines, Moutafchiev said. “I hope that building works will complete by 2010,” he added.

He pointed out the possible need of an additional building site. In this case, both the Government and the municipality will seek an appropriate plot, he said, re-iterating his hopes that construction would start as scheduled in April.

The problem with the expropriation of six properties, located on the planned path of road and railway infrastructure, has not been solved yet. That, however, should not be an unsurmountable obstacle to the start of building works, Moutafchiev said.