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The Bulgarian Scene: Golf Resorts Vs. Alternative Tourism

The municipality council of Shabla town presents land for three golf resorts, reveals quoting local online daily.

The construction works still hasn't started, but the project foreseen to extend over 1,400 decares seaside lands is at its most advanced phase.

One of the golf complexes, which will include residential part, swimming pools, hotels, garages and perking lots, will be constructed over an area between Tiulenovo village and Shabla lighthouse (North - Eastern Bulgaria).

This region is extremely sensitive in ecological relation. The eco system is from steppe type, probably the last one of its kind in Bulgaria.

These terrains are suitable for conservation, because along with the rest of the regional nature and history treasures may set up a micro complex for ecological and cultural tourism.

Near Tiulenovo village are situated plenty of natural sights like Kamen Briag (The Stony Coast) in Yaltata area, the fortress and reserve Kaliakra, the biggest open air settlement in Europe (at Durankulak lake's big island) and many others.

North from the golf resorts in project are the Shablensko and Durankulak lakes, which are with world importance for the protection of water-loving birds.

From also remind that trough the future golf complex will pass ‘Via Pontica'. The ‘civilized sport' plus the building of wind parks in the region may provoke serious disturbances in the migration path of the birds.

In the moment on local Black sea coast the landscape in the North and South zones is sharply different.

The South seaside is quite overcrowded, due the lack of adequate supervision and sanctions. The building sites there had destroyed many priceless micro landscapes.

The North coast for now is with more saved nature...obviously not for long.

By now the municipality council of Shabla had gave permission for the construction of two more golf terrains and the building of a yacht port near Tiulenovo.

Scary decisiveness, comment from the local business media.

But what else we can expect when the Economy Minister of Bulgaria stated not long ago that expects that the marine capital of Bulgaria - Varna will expand into a megapolis that will absorb the whole North coastline of Bulgaria.