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The Average Real Estate Deal In Bulgaria Is 57 536 Euro

The real estate company Raiffeisen Properties (100% owned by Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria) reports an increase of almost 10% over the price of the average property deal in the Bulgarian capital in the summer, the press center announces.According to the firm, the difficulties on the world markets have not had an effect on the mortgage credit in Bulgaria.In July and August the average amount of a deal with real estate in Sofia amounts to 80 030 Euro. For comparison in the first half of 2008 the average amount was 73 133.During the two summer months the total average amount of a real property deal in the country (including Sofia) amounts to 57 536 Euro.During the summer season the activity is traditionally lower, but deals have continued to be concluded, primarily in the segment of city apartments for personal needs. The demand of these properties continues, as the supply still does not correspond to the requirements of the buyers, Ani Angelova, manager of Raiffeisen Properties and executive director of Raiffeisenbank, announced.For the season the rates of mortgage credit are normal, Angelova claims. The bank has preserved a very good quality of its portfolio. The expired mortgage payments are a low percentage.