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Serbia Remains Important Bussiness Partner To Bulgaria

Serbia will remain important market and business partner for Bulgaria, despite the arisen pressure between the both countries about the Bulgaria's decision to recognize the independence of Kosovo.

That was announced by the chairman of Bulgarian Industrial Association Bojidar Dinev.   

In Danev's words, Bulgaria is one of the biggest investors in Serbia, as takes the leading position in branches as metallurgy, import and sell of fuels, transport logistics, pharmaceutics industry and others.

The trade balance of Bulgaria with Serbia is extremely good - the common Bulgarian export for Belgrade is on the amount of 583 million USD, which brings to Bulgaria positive balance of 372 million EUR.

According to Danev's opinion, the notability of newly recognized Kosovo for Bulgarian business is not quite optimistic.

To make business to a country, where the unemployment level is over 43% and the incomes come mainly from social aids and international financial institutions, is really hard.

And, although Kosovo takes real pains to attract Bulgarian investors, the disputable new country would hardly be interesting for Bulgarian contractors.

‘Even the Kosovo's market, which population is not more than 2 million people, is not big enough to be attractive for the free Bulgarian financing resources, searching for investment destinations' Dinev considers.