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Retirees Look Abroad For Active Lifestyle

Britons who are retiring this year are not content to sit at home and relax, according to new research.

A survey of people nearing the end of their working life found they had a number of ambitions that they wanted to pursue as soon as they begin their retirement.

For example, 19 per cent expressed a desire to move to a new area as soon as they come out of paid employment.

However, many were found to be willing to look beyond England and the rest of the UK, as 52 per cent said they want to move abroad.

Gary Shaughnessy from Prudential commented: "Those retiring today are likely to be able to enjoy far more active lives through their pensionable years than any previous generation."

He added that this was partly due to improvements in medical science and healthcare, which has in turn resulted in people living longer.

According to a recent poll by NatWest, nine out of ten British expatriates are financially better off since relocating abroad.