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Real Estate Market In The Mountains Subsiding

The real estate market in the mountains is subsiding, brokers complain.Prices have also gone down because of the reduced demand. Foreigners who want to buy an attractive property are also becoming less. Analyzers explain this fact with the bad image of the country lately and the world economic crisis which is making people more cautious in financial transactions.40-50 Euro costs a square meter of land in the Devin region. Since the beginning of the year the demand of real estate in the region decreased, representatives of the real estate agency Vipbulgarianproperties said. In the villages around Devin a square meter of land is sold for 15-20 euro. The tendency towards a higher demand of old houses continues. If you are a big enthusiast on the Rhodope Mountains, you can buy a house there for 20-30 thousand Euro. People buy them for recreational purposes, brokers claim.Several years ago a lot of foreigners have shown interest in buying an old house in Devin. Now this tendency has subsided and most buyers are Bulgarians. Such a fortune is often times expensive, because the houses have numerous heirs and this makes the selling process difficult. Brokers are happy that more local people seek their services when selling their house. They aim to make a little more money on deals because the region is poor.