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Property Magazine Issues Bulgaria Buying Advice

A Bulgaria property magazine has issued "essential information" for those looking to purchase homes in the country.

According to Quest Bulgaria, real estate agents in the eastern European country are not regulated, so buyers need to ensure they act cautiously when acquiring a property. Purchasers are advised to employ a registered translator before signing a preliminary contract, as it is important buyers "understand everything" in the document as it forms the basis of any transaction.The publication also urges those buying property to ensure they have the services of a lawyer during conveyancing, as the civil servants whose job it is to verify facts and signatures will not act on the buyer's behalf during the process, which can - Quest states - be "very speedy".

Currency specialist Hargreaves Lansdown recently stated that Bulgaria is one of the countries benefiting from the weakening pound, as the faltering exchange rate is causing investors to seek property in a wider range of locations.