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New Business Centre For Sandanski

In the south-western Bulgarian town of Sandanski close to the Greek border, on November 27 plans for a new business centre are set to be unveiled, or the project designated as BG2005 017-454.02-01-20. The new business centre aims to facilitate business development in the region, stimulate agriculture output and develop tourism in the town, and promote trans-border co-operation and development with Greece, as reported by Stroitelstvo weekly.Sandanski will be equipped with a new central point which is aimed to gravitate greater interest towards local business, tourism and regional development. Once the project is completed it will serve as a core for the newly created regional group Mig, which is tasked with regulating and administrating projects under the European Union's Programme Leader scheme. This should increase possibilities and opportunities for local citizens as well as small and medium-sized business enterprises.Financing for this project will come through a granting scheme for support and development of regional progress and galvanizing local business - a joint scheme with the Greek municipality Filipi, across the south border. Both the Greek and Bulgarian municipalities, which are very near each other, have been co-operating for some years now.In the preparation for the application of the project, the municipality has put forward an objective for itself whereby the needs and potential for local business and financial welfare of its people has to be researched and assisted in any way possible. In this instance, one of its responsibilities incorporated the creation of a workshop for a mutual strategy to promote the business ventures of the new Sandanski centre. It will aim to investigate and acquire experience from the successful Greek experience and promote practical strategies in the sphere of tourism, agriculture and business development.