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More Brits Look For Property In Bulgaria

Though the UK property market continues to show signs of recovery, investors seem to be keener than ever to look further afield, with Bulgaria the country of choice for those looking for something a little different.

For people looking to invest in residential property, Bulgaria currently offers a number of popular regions and house prices remain extraordinarily low. It is a fact that has drawn many to the country looking for a second home purely for holiday purposes, but it has also attracted part-time and professional investors looking for capital appreciation in the coming years.

EU accession is the big issue here, as it will undoubtedly instigate a rise in house prices in line with a strengthening economy and better relations with a number of other European countries. Most experts expect this to happen within the next couple of years which has led thousands of investors to take the plunge and buy properties in anticipation of the event.

While France and Spain will always attract interest from Brits looking to expand their property portfolios, the lure of a more adventurous option is clearly a trend that is capturing the imagination of an increasing number.

Currency specialist HIFX, for instance, made the observation this week that Australia is becoming a hotspot for some UK investors, and this is representative of a modern investment philosophy.

According to Home Overseas magazine, Eastern Europe in particular has emerged in recent years as a prime destination for gay couples looking for a holiday home abroad.

Kate Hamilton, editor of Home Overseas magazine, told that a welcoming environment and culture of tolerance makes the likes of Bulgaria ideal for gay couples looking to invest in property.