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Low Prices And High Quality Among Reasons To Invest In Bulgarias Property

Bulgaria is one of the most interesting and promising destinations across the world, and could offer quality property opportunities, according to London-based Hot Properties Worldwide.

The company has added Bulgaria to its portfolio based on these developments, reported.

Bulgaria's key attractions were a low risk investment in the buy to let market, solid houses with freehold ownership and high demand of  high-quality houses, exceeding the supply, said.

Among the reasons to invest in Bulgaria included the fact that many international companies, such as Coca Cola, Nokia and Siemens, had set up offices in Sofia, showing their confidence in the region.

The mortgage market that opened two years ago would impact the house prices and demand. The website also presented the prices in Sofia as cheaper then in any other European capital.

More reasons were Bulgaria's entry to the EU in 2007, Sofia's capital growth that was expected to  reach 10 to 20 per cent per year over the next five years and Bulgaria Air's growing flight network.