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Lasting Increase Of Household Income In The Last 10-12 Years

In the last 10-12 years the income of households mark a lasting tendency of nominal increase, data by the National Statistic Institute shows, BNR (Bulgarian National Radio) announces.Only in the period 1999-2007 the income of an average person in a household increases from 1502 to 3105 levs, or almost two times.In this period the real income of households increases by 24,3%, which for the first time in 2007 surpasses the level of 1995 and marks a real increase of 2%.In the period 1999-2007 the expenses of households follow the tendency of the dynamic changes in income. After 1999 starts a process of gradual decrease of the relative share of expenses for food to 44% of all expenses, as this tendency continues in the next years and in 2007 reaches its lowest point for the observed period - 37,5%.Inflation in 2007 (December 2007 compared to December 2006) measured with the index of consumer prices, is 12,5%, as this is the highest accrued yearly inflation in the last 10 years, the analysis points out.In the end of 2007 the biggest price increase is registered in foods (20,8%). The biggest increase of the prices of consumer commodities is in August (3,1%), while deflation is measured in June (-0,4%) and in March (-0,1).