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Kavarna City Centre Open For Business

Kavarna has a new trade-administrative complex - Kavarna City Centre, which started operating from January 2009. It had taken a little more than a year for Planex OOD to reconstruct and modernise the otherwise unappealing, communist-era concrete monster of a building in the centre of the town, and subsequently transform it into a modern steel and aluminium-glass structure, which has now become the new administrative and business centre of Kavarna and the surrounding region, Bulgarian weekly Strotelstvo Gradut reported on January 15.Within the complex, Makao, the largest supermarket in the vicinity, is already operational, alongside a wide array of sport stores, toy shops, electronics shops, cafeterias, souvenir shops and clothing stores, as well as an Alpha Bank branch that will open within the facility by the end of the month.Kavarna City Centre has a total area of 12 700 square metres, and currently there are vacant offices on offer of 60 to 150 square metres, and shops of 25 to 200 square metres, as well as a parcel meant for a restaurant and a facility meant for a nightclub. The complex comes equipped with a parking lot with a capacity for 100 vehicles.The main investor in the project, whose cost is said to be a total of 10 million leva, was Planex; management of the site has been allocated to PLH Invest, an investment company in the Planex Holding Group.