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Investors 'should Seek Out Professional Opinion'

Overseas property investors have been advised to not to rule out seeking professional advice when buying abroad.

According to a recent study by Defaqto, more than a quarter of buyers prefer to rely on their own judgement instead of consulting an expert.

The research also showed that a similar proportion are likely to favour the advice of a friend or relative, while one in ten would consult their spouse or partner.

Commenting on the findings, urged people to overcome their apparent discomfort with getting a professional opinion.

The website commented: "It is important to seek a variety of opinions on your chosen property before committing significant funds to the investment." added that investors should also bear in mind that many independent financial advisers are remunerated by commission from the property developer.

This comes after broadcaster Amanda Lamb revealed that the number of Britons who are looking at buying property abroad is now at a record level.