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Indonesia Likes Bulgarian Montana Town

The Indonesian town of Solo shows interest in the Bulgarian town of Montana.

The new ambassador of Indonesia to Bulgaria Immanuel Inkiriwang claimed at a meeting with the mayor of Montana that the Bulgarian and the Indonesian towns need specific steps in the five fields of cooperation – human resources management, local economic development, tourism, culture and waste management, informed Darik radio.

During his visit to Montana, the Indonesian ambassador had also meeting with the vice-chairman of Bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry Hristo Petrov.

The towns of Montana and Solo are twinned and they have signed a contract for mutual cooperation more than a year ago but since then there is no progress in their relations, reminded Mr. Inkiriwang.

There is a drop down in the trade balance of the turnover between the two countries since 2004. In order to change the situation, nine ambassadors of Indonesia in Central and Eastern Europe have joined their efforts in common initiatives.

An interesting example are the tete-a-tete meetings where business entrepreneurs from Bulgaria and Indonesia negotiate directly without any mediators.