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Illegal Constructions In Bulgarias Pamporovo Resort

Two constructions and a facility of hotels in Pamporovo were set up without the needed construction permit, an inspection of the regional directorate for construction control shows.

A team inspected all construction sites in the resort, as well as in other populated areas in the Smolyan region, reported.

Inspection results showed that two constructions and another facility were set up without permits. According to the directorate the illegal constructions would be taken down.

Some of the violations registered were the lack of proper planning, architectural mistakes and missing documentation, reported.

The regional prosecution in Smolyan ordered inspection of all new property and construction projects in the region. Such inspection occurred in June, when a part of the Smolyan-Pamporovo road collapsed because of the work on a hotel.

An inspection then revealed the hotel project lacked the permit needed for such type of construction work, reported.