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Holidaymakers Look At Exchange Rates

Exchange rate movements are becoming more of an issue to holidaymakers, industry analysts have revealed.

According to currency specialist Travelex, leisure travellers are becoming "increasingly savvy" with regards to financial fluctuations and taking them into account when booking trips abroad.

John Nicholas, director of the organisation, said that this has led to people travelling to places where they can get more for their money.

This has become particularly apparent in recent weeks, as the pound has fallen to a record low against the euro, which means general expenses in eurozone countries will cost much more.

Mr Nicholas commented: "People [are looking] outside the traditional eurozone holiday hotspots to make their money go further this summer."

He highlighted eastern European countries such as Bulgaria as places which are benefiting from this trend.

The region was recently recommended to leisure travellers by Helen Warburton of the Post Office, who told the Independent that it currently offers very good value for money.