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Green Cards For Ethnic Bulgarians Will Help The Tourism Branch

The issuing of 10-year green cards for the Ethnic Bulgarians from countries, not members of EU could help with solution of the problems with lack of workers in the tourism.

That was announced by the BSP High Council major secretary Dimitar Dubov in Dobrich.

The problem with work force in the tourism sphere is leading on the branch meeting on Dobrich.

Receiving this ‘Green cards' will give to the ethnic Bulgarians from abroad all rights and responsibilities of the Bulgarian citizens without opportunity to travel in European Union with their Identity Cards.

The idea of issuing these green cards is Bulgarians from abroad to come and work in the country instead of use it as a ticket for the EU.

The representatives of the local tourist branch desired more Bulgarians from Ukraine and Moldova to be attracted.

Other accents on the meeting became the need of more policemen for the security of the resorts and the need of qualitative health care for the tourists.