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Expats Look Abroad For Cheaper Cost Of Living

The high cost of living in the UK is creating widespread disillusionment among many Britons, to the point where many are considering emigrating, a newspaper has said.

A report in the Telegraph stated that many British people are thinking of packing up and leaving for another country.

This was largely attributed to the current state of the UK economy, which has led to increases in the prices of groceries, fuel and other necessary expenses.

People were also said to feel unhappy with their rising tax burden, with council tax in particular flagged up as a particularly unpopular charge.

Therefore, many are looking to overseas property as a way of avoiding these payments and reducing their outgoings.

The Telegraph commented; "It's hardly surprising many British homeowners are seriously thinking of selling up and moving overseas."

Earlier this week, a poll of expatriates by NatWest revealed that the vast majority believe they are financially better off now that they live abroad.

According to the organisation, the average person in the UK earns Ј47,000 a year, whereas a typical salary in the United Arab Emirates can be as high as Ј79,000.