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Ec Represenatives To Inspect The Construction Of Danube Bridge-2

Representatives of the European commission will visit Vidin, Bulgaria on 26 and 27 September regarding the construction of Danube bridge - 2, informed the regional governor Krustyo Spassov.Together with the deputy prime-minister Meglena Plugchieva, the minister of transport Peter Mutafchiev and the minister of internal affairs Mihail Mikov they will be informed on the spot about the construction process. They will also undertake specific measures for the overcoming of the construction's delay."The speed of the construction of Danube bridge -2 needs to be accelerated in order the construction of the big facility and its adjacent infrastructure to be completed in the contracted period - October 2010", claimed Krustyo Spassov.The delay in the construction of the second bridge over the Danube river, which should be close to the Bulgarian town of Vidin, is pointed as one of the main problems in the 3-year report of the regional governor for the achievements, the problems and the priorities in the development of the region.