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Dimitrov Negotiates The Construction Of A Wind Park In Bulgaria

According to preliminary calculations a wind-park with 120-150 megawatts power can be constructed in Mirkovo municipality.This was clarified today after a meeting of the Economy Minister Petar Dimitrov and George Bises - project manager of GE Energy Infrastructure - Energy.The company has investment intentions for the construction of wind-energy park in Mirkovo municipality.We identified the Mirkovo region as extremely interesting regarding wind potential, Bises announced at the meeting.Last year representatives of GE have made two visits in Bulgaria, in order to conduct initial research in the region.The research activities of the wind potential in the region will continue in 2009 as well.According to the secondary research of the wind potential and the presence of terrains, the investment can be realized within the limits of 200 to 800 million Еuro.