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Danish Company То Build A Wind Generator Park In Bulgaria

A wind-generator park for 150 million euro will be built in Stara Planina above the village of Dulgi del, Georgi Damiyanovo municipality by the Danish company "Greentech". This announced the mayor of the municipality Dilyan Dimitrov, cited by BNR.It is expected by the end of October the company to obtain the construction permit. The municipality and the investor have registered a joint company which to construct the park.The local administration participates with an apport installment of land. It has provided 57 places, 2 decares each, on the mountain ridge at an altitude of around 1500 m.In each of the places a wind generator will be constructed with a power of 4 MWh. The height of the pylon of a wind-generator will be 110 m, and the size of the propellers - 86 m.The municipality will receive annually 500 euro on generator plus 5% of the annual profit of the company - around 150 000 euro. It is expected the park to be built in 2 years and after that to be included in the Bulgarian energy system, informed Dimitrov.The mayor added that the investor will build new roads to the village of Dulgi del and in the mountain. The same Danish company will construct another wind-generator park again in Stara planina, but above the village of Chiprovtsi, Northwest Bulgaria.