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Construction Of New Port In Sozopol Starts In 2009

Municipality of Sozopol commissioned the Port of Bourgas to design a new fishermen port, whose construction should begin in 2009 and will be funded entirely by the state, Dnevnik daily reported, citing town's mayor Panayot Reizi.The proposed idea envisions the new port to be built behind the existing marina, which would be used only as a ship berth. Part of the plan suggests that the fishermen's boats that are now at the small harbour to remain there as one of the town's attractions.The mayor of Sozopol, which is one of the oldest and more popular Black Sea towns, has expressed concerns that the land is owned by the state, and if one day is given on concession, the future concessionaire might decide to remove the boats from there and nothing could be done about it.Sozopol municipality is making attempts to constitute other state territories as municipal, so it could use them for the building of servicing facilities to the new port such as a freezer, fish market and a check point. A new road to secure access to the port will also be built.