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Commercial Areas In Varna Increase By Over 30%

Commercial areas in Varna have increased by over 30% for the first half of 2008.Only by opening Varna Mall in June their size has increased by 33 000 square meters. New stores, which opened in this period, possess over 40 000 square meters total. This constitutes almost one third of the completed commercial areas in the entire country, whose amount reaches 138 000 square meters, "Narodno delo" writes.A total of 545 000 square meters commercial centers of the type "malls" are being built at the moment, a study of the consultancy company on real estate "Colliers international" shows, which was made public yesterday. In the segment office areas by 2010, 730 000 new square meters must be built.The planned projects for commercial centers in the country have increased by 141 400 square meters. According to "Colliers" some cities have already reached the point of saturation.In the first half of the year a 7% increase of the area of modern office buildings was registered, as in Sofia it reached 759 000 square meters. The second in size market - Varna started to shape and for the moment has a total of 106 000 square meters modern office buildings type A and B. It is no surprise that in both markets - Sofia and Varna, they are concentrated in the outskirts.For the first time the areas at the main commercial streets were measured. A study made by "Colliers" showed that in Sofia's center they amount to 38 000 square meters, while in Varna - approximately 16 000 square meters.