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Cheap Land Around Trakia Highway On Offer

The offers for parcels and real estate along the route of Trakiya highway have dropped by up to 90 per cent over the past six months, Monitor daily reported on December 12. The land plots along the highway are well placed for the construction of logistical centres, petrol stations, auto services, motels and road-side restaurants, with the most popular segments being located at strategic intersections with other highways or close to major urban centres, the daily said.

Until recently, speculation that the highway would finally be completed augmented the interest for real estate around its plotted course. The sharpest drop was registered in the Plovdiv region, which not too long ago was the most desired sector for potential investors.Currently, parcels of land along the motorway are offered from 2.7 euro to 81 euro a square metre. The most expensive parcels of land offered at the moment are 9000 square metres for 800 000 euro, about 10km outside Plovdiv. The land comes ready with completed paperwork for the construction of a petrol station.

East of Sofia, the most desired lands close to the highway are around Ravno Pole, with an average price of about 75 euro a square metre. The cheapest parcel of land near Sofia is offered at 15 000 euro for 3ha of land near the village of Gorno Varshilo. The most expensive land on the other hand, at 10 million euro for 10 000 square metres, can be purchased near Dolni Lozen. This particular parcel of land is been listed for sale for over six months, Monitor said.Near Pazardjik, prices vary from 1.25 to 50 euro a square metre, with the cheapest plot of 24ha being offered at 30 000 leva, whilst the most expensive parcel can be bought for 685 000 euro for a plot of 13 700 square metres that has a 250m stretch bordering the motorway.

Around Stara Zagora, the cheapest land available is worth 30 000 euro, for 4.5ha, located at 500m from the exit from the motorway to Stara Zagora. The most expensive land in the region stands at 627 000 euro for a plot of 12.54ha.